Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day

There is no person in the world that needs to be thanked more then mothers! We have just the thing to thank your mother with this Mother’s day and would love for you to come to House of Elegance and see all the perfect gifts we have for her. These are a few of our favourites:

  • A candle! We carry a large collectio of WoodWick candles at House of Elegance that will make any mother smile. Our wide variety of scents are sure to peak anyones interest!

  • Get your mother a simple piece of jewlery this Mother’s Day and we promise it will be a hit! We have two beautiful collections so there will definitely be something to bring home to mom.

  • Our line of Sharon Nowlan artwork is a fan favourite among mothers because of the sentimental messaging behind each piece. Come in and and see them for yourself.

  • After you give your mother flowers for Mothers day, be sure to also give her a new vase from Amanda’s House of Elegance! We have a wide variety of shapes and styles that will definitely win her over.