How long does it take?
     From your initial consult to the final outcome, the process is 3-5 weeks. However, if an item from your concept board is backordered it may take longer. We can discuss different alternatives if this situation arises.

When you say you ‘hand curate the shopping cart’, do you source items out from other stores?
No. All the products sold at Amanda’s House of Elegance are high quality and either Canadian made or Canadian designed. Every piece I bring into your home will be a high quality piece, and that is something I ensure !

Do you provide colour consultation?
Yes! That is all part of the initial visit.

Do you paint and renovate the space?
I can provide contacts to help you with efficiently handling painting or any renovations if they arise, but I don’t coordinate the contractors or do the labour myself. The contacts I can provide do not give me a referral fee and therefor I cannot guarantee their workmanship, but based on personal experience I can recommend their service to my clients.

How much should I budget for each room?
     This is difficult to answer because It really depends on your desired outcome is. Are you looking to start with an ‘empty canvas,’ or are you looking to spruce up the space?  If your living room is of average size and you are looking to give it a bit of a facelift, a healthy budget would be about $3,000 - $3,500. But!!! Please don’t use this as a measuring stick, budget is a personal choice and it really depends on your goals and your overall budget

Can I choose one package but later decide to go with another?

            Unfortunately, no.   

What if I choose Package 3 but don’t spend the minimum of $3,500 in merchandise?

            This rarely happens, but when it does, the $500 deposit pays for the design services (consultation, sourcing out items, creating the concept board, and setting up) and you pay for any merchandise that is approved.

Do you furnish the house too?
     I do not sell or provide large furniture. What I can do is provide photos of furnishings on your concept board to give an idea of what to purchase and point you in the direction of where to buy.

Can you provide structural designs?
      No. This is interior decorating, not interior designing. I am not an engineer or architect.

Can you provide your service for commercial spaces?
     Absolutely! Whether it’s the lobby to a rental building or a waiting room I can certainly help!

What is the difference between traditional staging that other companies provide and the staging service you provide?
Typically in staging you are just borrowing merchandise for a high price and then giving it back when you move. In my opinion, why should you pay to borrow something when you can pay the same amount and keep it!!  Plus, it’s a great way to infuse your new home with some beautiful new decor!

If you are coming to stage my house before I put it on the market, how long will it take before the real estate sales representative can take photo’s?
I know the market is fast moving and constantly changing and I completely understand the time sensitive nature to getting your house listed. Keeping this in mind, I try my very best to complete within 5 business days. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible for various reasons. This would have to be a conversation between you, your realtor, and myself.