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Bee By The Sea

Bee By The Sea is a Canadian natural skincare company. The entire company is based around the Sea Buckthorn berry because of its healing benefits to the skin. It is the combination of this superfood, along with unpasteurized honey that make Bee By The Sea one of a kind. They promote the benefits of their products to combat eczema, sunburn, dry skin, scars and many more. At Amanda’s House of Elegance we carry a variety of their products from lip balms to hand creams and lots of things in between!


Farmacy Bath and Beauty

This all natural bath and beauty company is based out of Kingston, ON and we carry their luxury bath salts. All plants, herbs and flowers used in their products are grown at their farm in Kingston. The owner of Farmacy always had trouble finding products that were natural enough for her skin so she decided to make her own and thats how Farmacy was created! Come to House of Elegance to check out all the different scents and formulas to find your favourite.

LAMA Soap Company

LAMA soaps are made with 100% pure coconut oil. They only use therapeutic grade essential oils for scent and their holistic properties.Each bar of soap has over an ounce of organic coconut milk and plant material are used to create beautiful colours and designs. The health of the environment is important so labels are made with recycled paper and are embedded with wildflower seeds. Make sure you plant the labels to grow food for your local bees!

Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics makes 100% handmade bath blasters that will make your next bath even more relaxing than usual. At House of Elegance we carry a variety of bath blaster that are vegan-friendly and filled with essential oils that are great for your skin! As soon as you see how beautiful these are and how delicious they smell you will have to buy one to experience the luxury for yourself.