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The Perfect Rug For Summer


After a long winter, summer is the time to lighten up on the layers and freshen up your home! When it comes to home decor, that means storing away heavier wool and knotted rugs in order to make way for lighter, more breathable fabrics. As stated on My Domaine, lightweight rugs are “a great way to maintain an inviting atmosphere in your home during the summer months when warm temperatures make the thought of stepping on plush wool unbearable.”

That’s where Dhurrie comes in: the hand-woven rugs by Avocado Decor are 100% cotton and the perfect lightweight rug for summer; Yet they're versatile enough that they work in colder months too, if you don’t want to switch your rugs out when the temperature drops. Best of all, they’re machine washable, so they’re a breeze to clean in those busy summer months when your home is getting a lot of foot traffic.

Amanda’s House Of Elegance has tons of beautiful, warm-weather friendly Dhurrie rug options. Read on to see some of our favourites below…

Dhurrie Arrow Blue (Available Sizes: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 2x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Arrow Blue (Available Sizes: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 2x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Bev Dusty Pink (Available Sizes: 2x3, 2x8, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Bev Dusty Pink (Available Sizes: 2x3, 2x8, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Bev Sailor Blue (Available Sizes: 2x3, 2x8, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Bev Sailor Blue (Available Sizes: 2x3, 2x8, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Fusion Ice Blue (Available Sizes: 2x3, 7x9, 4x6, 2x8, 3x5, 5x8), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  ($27.95 – $189.95)

Dhurrie Fusion Ice Blue (Available Sizes: 2x3, 7x9, 4x6, 2x8, 3x5, 5x8), Amanda’s House Of Elegance ($27.95 – $189.95)

Dhurrie Bliss Blue 7x9, Amanda’s House Of Elegance    (Special Order Only)   ($286.95)

Dhurrie Bliss Blue 7x9, Amanda’s House Of Elegance (Special Order Only) ($286.95)

Dhurrie Geo Aqua (Available Sizes: 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  ($68.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Geo Aqua (Available Sizes: 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance ($68.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Geo Black (Available Sizes: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Geo Black (Available Sizes: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Lozenge Blue (Available Sizes: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  (Special Order Only)   ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Lozenge Blue (Available Sizes: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance (Special Order Only) ($27.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Lozenge Grey (Available Sizes: 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  ($110.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Lozenge Grey (Available Sizes: 4x6, 5x8, 7x9), Amanda’s House Of Elegance ($110.95 – $286.95)

Dhurrie Saddle Stitch Ivory (Available Sizes: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8), Amanda’s House Of Elegance  (Special Order Only)   ($27.95 – $189.95)

Dhurrie Saddle Stitch Ivory (Available Sizes: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8), Amanda’s House Of Elegance (Special Order Only) ($27.95 – $189.95)

Rugs To Add Warmth To Your Space Through The Cold Months

When its cold outside, sometimes the only thing getting you through the day is the knowledge that you can get nice and cozy once you get home. There are some very easy tactics that can be used in order to add warmth and design to your home. Adding a few rugs to your space is one of these tactics. Having a warm, soft surface under foot adds so much character and keeps the house warmer all at the same time. Here are some great rug options available at Amanda’s House of Elegance that will be perfect in your home for the fall and winter and then can easily transition to the warmer months.

The Perfect Neutrals

These neutral beauties will add warmth and comfort to your space without adding too much of a statement. Even though the patterns are bold, the neutral colour palette keeps these rugs an easy statement for any home. These are great for spaces already in a neutral palette, space with colourful palettes and also spaces with wall to wall carpeting to achieve a layered effect. If you are unsure what rug would suit your space, bring in photos to Amanda’s House of Elegance and we would be happy to help.

Heritage Gray_lg.jpg
Sarook Gray_lg.jpg
Struktur Ivory_lg.jpg

Add Some Colour

A colourful rug can be the perfect addition to the right space. Definitely a riskier move then a neutral choice, but the payoff can make it worth it! We love the colours in these options and think they could be a perfect purchase for your home. Sometimes a pop of colour is what is needed to really liven up a room.

Parche Teal_lg.jpg
Medallion Silver Blue_lg.jpg
Centro Blue Gray_lg.jpg

Falling For Fall: Slowly Bringing Autumn Decor Into Your Home

With fall colours and temperature fast approaching, for better or worse, Amanda’s House of Elegance is ready to solve all of your fall decor needs! We suggest slowly transitioning your home’s decor to including fall colours and pieces that match the changing exterior. Come down to House of Elegance to fall in love with autumn once again!


Gold Is Fall Approved

If we had to assign a colour to the seasons, autumn would definitely be gold. Everywhere you look in the fall season you see warm hues of reds, oranges and gold’s. It is not a secret that gold in very on trend and at House of Elegance we are very on the gold train for injecting some autumn decor into your space. A gold touch here and there will add warmth and light to your home and we would love to show you how.

Let’s Bring The Outside In

Let’s be honest, there is nothing better then being outdoors in the autumn season. All of the leaves changing colours and the crisp, clean skies during the day, some may call it magical. Bring this feeling into your home by bringing in the colours of the changing leaves, greenery, and natural woods and stone. The feeling that fall brings needs to be brought inside and this can be easily achieved through your choice of decor. Perhaps a natural wood tray to display some festive pieces, or natural stone candle holders would truly bring the outside in.


Spice Up Your Space

And by adding “spice” I mean adding warmth to your space! The best way to do this is through warm candles and scents throughout your home. At Amanda’s House of Elegance, we love WoodWick candles for so many reasons. Not only are they made in a variety of fall approved colours and scents such as autumn, pumpkin pecan and warm wool (even the names provoke feelings of fall!), their wicks crackle as they burn bringing a fireplace feel into any room.


Elegant Pumpkins

While natural pumpkins themselves can be beautiful as a decor element, since we are only halfway through September, it may be a tad too early to invest in the real thing. Pumpkins are a true symbol of fall, and we think they can be used in an elegant way all through the autumn season. At Amanda’s House of Elegance we have some great alternative to the tradition Halloween pumpkin that are both elegant and that will inject some fall into your home.


Fall In Love with Autumn Textures and Patterns

There is nothing better then cozying up in the fall with a big chunky blanket and some beautiful pillows. Now that September is here and the temperatures outside will be slowly dropping, its time to replace your cottons and linen’s with wools and luxurious velvet fabrics. Pick out prints that highlight the colour tones in your house and also inspire warmth in your home. Plaids and rich hued florals are great for autumn.

IMG_7285 2.jpg

Pick Rich Hues In Your Floral Displays

At House of Elegance, we love bright and beautiful floral arrangements especially when paired in one of our stunning vases. Now that the colours and temperature of the season is changing, its time to change up those flowers and add in richer hues and fall flowers to the mix. We love adding in fall foliage, sprays that add colour and texture and some greenery to tie it all together.

A Pillow and Its Pair: 6 Perfect Pillow Pairings

pillows .jpg

Every well design home needs well curated accents in order to successfully execute the desired look. While the bones of the design are often large pieces such as rugs and furniture, the best way to outfit your space is through smaller accents such as pillows and throw. Pillows can be changed up depending on the season or occasion; they can also be an easy way to change up the look of the room on a small budget. We love pillows at Amanda's House of Elegance. Here are our favourite pillow and throw combinations currently available in store right in the heart of downtown Kingston. We can't wait for you to add new life and design to your couches, beds and chairs. 


A very classic set of pillows, but they will add new life to any space. The gorgeous grey large scale gingham is a modern take on a classic design. We love this pair because of the contrast between the muted tones and the bold patterns.

Grey Gingham Pillow - $79.95; Blush Pink Pillow - $59.95; Cream Floral Throw - $139.95


Beautiful neutral pillows with bold and interesting prints and patterns can be a great choice for many homes. This over scale bird print is a great whimsical way to add some interest to any room while the cowhide pillow add some elegance and glam.

Bird Pillow - $64.95; Cowhide Metallic Pillow -$107.97


This combination is the perfect mix of pattern, neutral and colour. The variation between the three pieces combined beautifully to create depth and interest.

Blue and Cream Floral Pillow - $64.95; Cream Lumbar Pillow - $74.95; Mustard throw - $98.95


Every room needs a little shimmer and shine. This beaded quatrefoil pillow is a subtle bit of sparkle, but when light hits the beading it will create a large impact. This metallic printed pillow is the perfect pair.

Beaded Quatrefoil Pillow - $69.95; Cream Metallic Pillow - $68.95


Green is the perfect colour to add some life and energy to your space. We love subtle greens that lean more towards neutrals in a space and these pillows are the perfect example of this. The stripes and floral balance each other out perfectly.

Beige and Green Striped Pillow - $94.95; Green and Grey Floral Pillow - $64.95


This is definitely the most eclectic of the pairings we came up with. All three pieces have bold prints but they are all working together to create a mixed-match look that is eclectic and fun. Coral/orange and navy pair beautifully but are an uncommon pair which adds a unique touch.

Orange Elephant Pillow - $66.95; Grey and Cream Pillow - $64.95; Blue chevron Throw - $98.95

Amanda's Favourites: March Edition

Spring is ever so slow approaching, but here at Amanda's House of Elegance we are in full spring swing. Located right in the heart of downtown Kingston, here are Amanda's March favourites. With new merchandise being brought in all the time it won't be long before these items are picked up by a lucky buyer! We hope to see you soon! 

Oversized Apple - $119.95

We are currently loving this oversized apple. It adds a whimsical and clean touch to any space while still being a striking piece of decor. It can easily be a stand alone accent because of its size and will look beautiful in a clean space. The bright while colour is the perfect way to brighten up your space. 


Dandelion Sprays - $33.95

These dandelion sprays are a unique take on the classic spray of greenery or flowers. They have a large impact and are the perfect accent for spring! 


WoodWick Boat Candle - $38.95

Here at Amanda's House of Elegance we love these WoodWick candles. They are the perfect scent and sound to create a beautiful ambiance for any lifestyle. This boat shape is a favourite of ours because of the long wick that creates a beautiful long flame. These candles have a long burn time and we can promise you won't be disappointed. Available in other scents. 

IMG_1787 2.jpg

Blush Glasses - $9.95, $12.95, $27.95

These blush coloured glasses are giving us all the heart eyes. They are a frosted blush glass with a beautiful gold rimmed detail. We can't get enough of the unique look of these glasses that are sure to blow your guests away at any party you may host. 

IMG_1394 2.jpg

Charcoal Rose Soap - $10.95

The L.A.M.A. soap company is a fairly new line being carried at Amanda's House of Elegance, but it is the perfect gift or party favour for occasion. We love how soft and gentle this soap is on your skin, and this charcoal rose scent is our absolute favourite. Its a elegant way to add some class and beauty to any bathroom. Available in other scents.


Throw Pillows - $88.95 each

The play on textures in the reason we love these throw pillows. They are a beautiful mix of materials and colours all working together to create a unique and elegant look. Each pillow is feather filled and have a zipper bottom for easy cleaning. 


Bell Jar Stand - $48.95

A whimsical take on a cake stand or food tray. This bell jar food tray is a modern but unique take on the perfect way to display and cover treats and sweets in your kitchen. the light wood base mixed with the glass top is the perfect way to mix eclectic and modern styles. 

The Perfect Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift For Every Person In Your Life

Rose - $13.95

Rose - $13.95

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Amanda's House of Elegance in downtown Kingston  has the perfect gifts for every person in your life! From the busy mom who needs a nigh of relaxation, to the chef in your life, this unique list will give you gift inspiration for last minute gifts. In fact, they are so good no one will even guess they were a last minute find. 

For The Cottage Lover Who is Stuck At Home

Personal Fireplace - $58.95

Personal Fireplace - $58.95

This personal fireplace is a cozy gift for the cottage lover in your life. It's and the perfect way to warm up any room in your house. Adding this mini fireplace to your space will give a unique touch and give off a beautiful glow. 

For The Wine Lover

Wine Glasses - $33.95 for set of four

Wine Glasses - $33.95 for set of four

Pair these beautiful wine glasses with your favourite bottle of wine for a classic and thoughtful gift! They are a stunning soft grey and will compliment any table scape for a romantic dinner in. 

For The Chef In Your Life

Marble serving board - $39.95, Solid silver hand hammered silverware - $878.95 (for 8 seats)

Marble serving board - $39.95, Solid silver hand hammered silverware - $878.95 (for 8 seats)

Anyone who loves to cook and loves to entertain knows the importance of presentation and ambiance. The chef in your life will love this marble slab for serving food, setting up a charcuterie board, or displaying deserts. The gorgeous white marble is a show stopper and your food will never look better! This 5-peice silverware set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to entertain! This set is perfect for a group of 8, your guests will never eat off better utensils! Hint: Anniversary #25 is the year for silver! This would be the perfect gift. 

For The Spa Lover Who Doesn't Quite Have The Time To Get To The Spa

Amanda's House of Elegance is so proud to carry such beautiful and clean brands in house. All our spa and bath products are great for sensitive skin and will feel just as luxurious as being at the spa. We carry a great line of handmade soaps from L.A.M.A. Soap Company, as well as a variety of of bath bombs, bath soaks, and all natural deodorant and dry shampoo. We, at Amanda's House of Elegance, have curated lovely collections of the products perfect for your loved one! 

The Relaxation Collection - filled with lavender products perfect for a night of relaxation

The Clean Collection - made with healthy ingredients, they are perfect for sensitive skin

The Energize Collection - filled with bright and fresh scents, these are sure to energize you

The Romance Collection - these soft and romantic scents and ingredients are perfect for a valentine's night in

For The Cuddler In Your Life

Throws - $98.95

Throws - $98.95

These beautiful throws come in a variety of colours and are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cuddle up and get cozy! This mustard waffle knit is one of our personal favourites at Amanda's House of Elegance, we will be jealous of whoever gets to take this stunning throw home. 

For The Adventurer

Silver Plane - $92.95

Silver Plane - $92.95

This silver plane is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a good adventure. This plane would be stunning on a bookcase or desk and would be the perfect reminder to those who have dreams of leaving the office and going on a big adventure. 

For The Person In Your Life Who You Have No Idea What To Get

Gift Baskets - range from $40 to $50

Gift Baskets - range from $40 to $50

At Amanda's House of Elegance we have a variety of gift baskets just waiting to be given as the perfect gift! They are all uniquely filled with a variety of products to suit everyone. Come downtown Kingston and check out the great finds in these baskets! 

The Perfect Vase For Your Valentines Flowers


Every girl wishes to get flowers on Valentines day! Hopefully from a special someone but flowers from your parents wouldn't be horrible either. Either way, every bouquet of flowers needs a beautiful vase to complete the look. Here are our favourite vases to make your Valentine's Day picture perfect. 


Hand Painted Floral Vase - $53.95


White and Silver Striped Vase - $95.95


Blue Glass Vase - $58.95

Silver Speckled Vase - $72.95


Tall White Vase withe Linear Stripes - $39.95


Matte Dark Grey Vase - $64.95

These vases are pieces of home decor that can be used over and over. One of the best home interior tricks is to constantly have fresh flowers and plants around your house; and if you have flowers you need a vase! Head to downtown Kingston to pick up one of these beautiful designer home accents. Valentines Day is right around the corner! 

Amanda's Favourites: January Edition

Come into Amanda's House of Elegance to check out Amanda's January Favourites! Head in soon to receive taxes off any full price purchase (which all of these fall into)! We hope to see you soon! 

IMG_0966 (1).jpg

Metallic Cowhide Pillow - $138.95

This Canadian made pillow is a great way to show case many current trends in your home. While still showcasing many classic elements, this brand from Montreal is specifically known for their design forward pieces. Starting with the basics, this pillow is filled with a feather insert and has a zipper bottom; the front of this pillow is cowhide and the back is made of a tan suede. Some key elements  that make this one of Amanda's favourites is the effortless way both the gold and silver compliment each other. The tassels are also a very trendy touch. Amanda also loves the drama this pillow can add to any space. Place it on a bed, couch or chair and it will add elegance and drama to your space. 


Turkish Cotton Towels - Available in Off-White, White, Sterling, Grey, and Blue                                                            

Face Cloth - $6.95, Hand Towel - $12.95, Bath Towel - $24.95, Sheet Towel - $39.95

These towels are one of Amanda's favourites right now and as soon as you feel them you will understand why! These towels are made from Turkish cotton which is known for being incredibly plush and the softest cotton while also being one of the strongest and most durable. The low-twist design is great for women with long nails and rings because it is very difficult to snag or pull the fabric. The ribbon detailing is also a beautiful touch. Overall these towels are a great value and once you feel them you won't be able to say no! Come in to take a look at the variety of sizes and colours before they are all gone.  

IMG_0965 (1).jpg

Family Connection Statue - $186.95

This Canadian made statue is beautiful and meaningful. Not only is the raw wood base and raw metal statue a sight of beauty, the pure emotion behind the statue is what makes this one of Amanda's January favourites. A family is presented, and though the combination of the raw materials along with the imperfections of the image make this the perfect symbol of how family is never perfect but the love and connection is always there!


Ceramic Urchin Lantern - $78.95

The complexity and detailed shape of this lantern makes it a complete show stopper. While the overall design is continuous, the handmade qualities of this lantern are evident through the slight differences in shape, colour and size throughout the outer wall. The complex colour will fit easily into so many decor styles and palettes. Finally the greatest part of this piece is the shadow that is cast when a candle is lit within the lantern. A beautiful design will fill your room! 

IMG_0961 (1).jpg

Soy Candles - $22.95

Available in: Pineapple Lily, Pear Cucumber, Lilac, Black Tea & Lychee, Black raspberry Vanilla, Ginger Fig, Honeysuckle, Asian Pear & Lily

These 100% soy candles are exclusively hand poured for Amanda's House of Elegance. They are the perfect gift for any occasion, though once you smell them you may have to buy an extra for yourself. Soy is a great choice when buying a candle because it provides a cleaner burn, perfect for any growing household. Amanda's personal favourite sent is the Black Tea & Lychee!

IMG_0962 (1).jpg

Gold Dinner Set 

Gold Rimmed Bowl - $16.95, Coasters - $22.97, Napkin Ring - $18.75, Placemat - $23.95, Linen Napkin - $43.95

While purchased separately, combined this set is perfect for anyone with a love for entertaining. The gold shimmer placemats combined with other gold accents and linen napkins will allow for a proper presentation when hosting. Amanda's love for hosting and entertaining makes these pieces some of her favourites this month. She believes in creating a beautiful and elegant environment for all and these do just that. 

Gift Giving Made Easy

The biggest celebration of the year is just around the corner and your gift list seems to grow by the day! At Amanda’s House of Elegance we have gifts for everyone on your list from teachers to colleagues, best friends to sisters and your spouse as well.

Following are some gift suggestions across various price points that will help you get your shopping wrapped up.


Under $25

Soy candles burn evenly and cleanly and these ones, custom poured for Amanda’s House of Elegance,  are available in a wide variety of scents. These make perfect gifts for the hostess, office gift exchange or the teachers.

Hand Poured. 100% Soy. Exclusively at Amanda's House of Elegance.

There is a large selection of unique tree and table top ornaments ranging from elegant and traditional, to woodland and whimsical and more.

Christmas Tree Table Top Decor.


Under $50

Hurricane jar candle holders add a festive, cozy touch to any decor and there is a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles available. A beautiful gift for your bestie or sister!

Dimentional Glass Hurricanes

Picture frames are a beautiful gift for someone who has celebrated a special occasion during the year such as a wedding, graduation or birth of a baby. Amanda’s House of Elegance has a large selection from smaller 3x5 frames to larger 8x10 frames in styles and finishes to suit every decor.

All different shapes, sizes, and colour picture frames


Under $100

If the gift recipient is looking for that special touch to finish off a room, how about a Canadian made 100% goose down filled pillow? The unique fabrics and styles will ensure a one of a kind look in their home and be a gift that endures.

Cow Hide Feather Inserted Pillows.


Under $200

Gift baskets packed with a variety of treats and treasures are sure to delight! Amanda’s House of Elegance has custom made baskets wrapped up and ready for gifting.

From Amanda's House to yours, you will enjoy these hand curated, exclusive gifts.


Under $300

If your recipient is an art collector, consider a hand painted piece from Mercana. The range of pieces means there is a choice for every taste and style. The 3D pieces are especially popular and visually appealing.

Large hand painted canvas art.

Fitz and Floyd

Fitz and Floyd’s collection of handmade Christmas pieces across a variety of price points are exclusive to Kingston through Amanda’s House of Elegance. These pieces are collectibles that will delight for many Christmases to come!


Hand made and hand painted by Fitz & Floyd

Still can’t decide?

Amanda’s House of Elegance has you covered! We have gift certificates available that you can purchase in any amount and which allow the recipient to shop for their fav item or items once the holiday rush is over.

A gift worth giving.