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Peek Inside Mandy Moore's Dreamy Mid-Century Maison (By: Apartment Therapy)

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If you've been diligently following the peeks Mandy Moore has been sharing on Instagram about her freshly renovated mid-century home in Pasadena, then this is what you've been waiting for. With the over-a-year process finally complete, the This Is Us star is on the cover of the July/August issue of Architectural Digest talking about her brand new abode.

Prior to today, we've gotten a few looks at finished spaces—her laundry roomand pantry in particular—but nothing quite as extensive since the massive moving day Insta story.


"We fell in love with the views, the pool, the yard, basically the whole energy of the place," Moore tells AD of the Harold Zook-designed home. "We wanted to recapture the home's original spirit without delving into a slavish period restoration. We tried to imagine what Zook would have done if he were designing it today."

"I've been bursting to talk about home stuff but this has been in the works for a little while and we had to keep it a secret," she writes in an Instagram caption featuring the cover. She also praises architect Emily Farnham, interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, and the rest of the team that worked on the project, including "an extra thanks to all of you who took an interest in this silly home renovation and followed along via my stories, etc..... can't wait for the next one!" she teases with a wink face emoji.

And it might not be that far off—Moore discovered a love of the process during the extensive project. "It's hard to convey the excitement of working out every detail, from picking slabs at the stone yard to figuring out how many burners we wanted for the stove," she says. "Once you realize that you can actually build your true dream house, it's hard to go back to anything else."



Written and Published By: Apartment Therapy

6 Things to Try When a Room Just isn't Coming Together (By: Apartment Therapy)


If you've ever had a room hovering at "almost there," you know how frustrating of a situation it can be. The room doesn't look bad, it just doesn't quite sing. It's missing something, and you can't put your finger on it. You might find these six things to try helpful when a room just isn't coming together like you thought it would!

1. Compare it to your inspiration
Whether you tried to copy a room you saw on Pinterest piece by piece, have always just wanted a room that feels like Kelly Wearstler designed it or looked to a piece of art for color palette inspiration, go back to that inspiration and compare. What do you have in your room that's not in the inspiration? What don't you have? It might be a case of you trying an extra element that's fighting the harmony of the original inspiration, or you may have forgotten to include a vital element that makes your inspiration work.

2. Try taking things out
Take out a big element. Yes, even something big like curtains. Now step back and look at the room again. Even if the room feels a little emptier, you might be able to see the potential of where the design needs to go. You might not be able to see what your room is missing because there's something that doesn't belongin there already, blocking your ability to see the room's potential.

3. Focus in on a spot, corner or wall that you do love
Why do you feel like that spot is working? What is it that you love? Take what's working and spread it out around the room a little more. Maybe it's a color you only used a touch of that could be maximized more in the space. Maybe it's a style of furniture you played around with on a small scale that the room could use more of. See what adding more of what you love in the room does to the feel of it.

4. Shake up your style
Grab something from another part of the home, from a friend's home or find a free thing — just make it something that seems surprising to add to the space. As we've mentioned before, sometimes bringing something that you think obviously doesn't go can produce one of two equally favorable outcomes: either it surprises the heck out of you by working in the space, or it points you in the right direction to go in by being so mismatched!

5. Take a picture (or two or three)

And then leave the room you're trying to figure out. Like, go to a coffee shop or somewhere else. Look at the photos you took on your phone and scroll through them. Look at the photos on a small scale; small thumbnails that let you see the whole space. Put some mental distance between the fact that this is a room you live in and see every day and instead view it like a room you'd be spotting on a blog somewhere. And then immediately listen to your gut on what you think the room might need (or need taken out). 

6. Doodle
Those pictures you took earlier? Print them out if you can (or turn to a digital photo manipulating tool) and start doodling. Drawing patterns. Drawing furniture pieces. Squares where you think more art could go. Doodle stuff you wouldn't do in your right mind with actual items. That you can't do financially. Play. And when you hit on something that feels like it clicks, figure out how to make it work on your budget and in your space!

Written and published by Apartment Therapy