Stocking Stuffers Galore, and All Under $30!

Crazy to think about how quickly we are approaching Christmas. Only 14 days to go and we are excited. At Amanda's House of Elegance we definitely have you covered for all your gift giving needs. We have a plethora of amazing stocking stuffers for every person on your list, including yourself :) Make your way downtown and come visit us, you are sure to find something to add a bit of elegance to your life and those you are gifting to! All of these stocking stuffers ideas are under $30 and are waiting to be purchased by you!

  1. Medium WoodWick Candles


With scents such as Vanilla and Sea Salt, Warm Wool and Bergamot and Basil, you are sure to find a scent to suit anyone on your list! These medium candles ($22.95) have a burn time of 28 hours, though we also have larger sizes that range from 50 to 85 hours of a lovely crackling fire sound around your home. You have to hear these candles in action to believe it, but they truly sound like your own little personal fireplace.

2. Mittens

black - $19.95, cream - $13.95

black - $19.95, cream - $13.95

We have a few different styles and colours of mittens and gloves in the store and you won’t believe how warm and comfortable they are. A pair of mittens is always a great stocking stuffer because no one likes being cold; and like sock, one mitten always seems to be missing when the winter clothes get brought out each year making these the perfect necessity.

3. Earrings and other Jewelry


We are so proud to carry two different jewelry lines! The first is Glee Jewelry; they are based out of Vancouver and are influenced by nature and designed for beauty. The also have natural elements reflected in every piece. Glee uses a variety of high quality platings such as gold, rose gold and silver and they are all coated with an anti-tarnish polish to ensure a long life. All of the metals Glee uses are completely hypoallergenic as they are nickel and lead free. All of their pieces are stunning and a store favourite.

The other jewelry line at Amanda’s House of Elegance is Jacqueline Kent Jewelry. This line is from Toronto and boasts unique and “one of a kind” designs. Each piece of jewellery is hand crafted with unique gemstones such as pearls, abalone shell, Swarovski zirconia, garnets, cubic zirconia, hematite and cut crystals. The metals used in Kent’s line are high quality base metals which include sterling silver, brass, steel and others. All pieces are nickel, cadium and lead compliant meeting North American safety standards and they are all hypoallergenic. If you love a stunning statement necklace this will be your new go to line.

4. Bath Bombs

These bath bombs by Bomb Cosmetics are the real deal, as you can see by the video below. As soon as they are dropped into warm water they begin to fizz and release essential oils and perfumes into the water. Now all you have to do it relax, the rest is taken care of! We have many different scents available here at Amanda’s House of Elegance and all bath bombs are $8.95.

5. LAMA Soap Company


We love the LAMA Soap Company and are so proud to carry this soap line at Amanda’s House of Elegance. We stand behind their natural approach to skincare and love how environmentally friendly they are. LAMA uses 100% pure coconut oil and only therapeutic grade essential oils for both its scent and holistic properties. The labels are all made with recycled materials and embedded with wildflower seeds so they be planted to feed the bees. Trust us when we say that these soaps are all luxury, and all natural! Each soap is priced at 10.95.

6. Lip Balm


Bee By The Sea is a Canadian natural skincare company. The entire company is based around the Sea Buckthorn berry because of its healing benefits to the skin. It is the combination of this superfood, along with unpasteurized honey that make Bee By The Sea one of a kind. They promote the benefits of their products to combat eczema, sunburn, dry skin, scars and many more. Their lip balm’s are nourishing and have the healing properties of the ingredients within leaving lips soft and moisturized. At 3.95 per tube, this lip balm makes the perfect stocking stuffer! Come into the store to check out our other Bee By The Sea products.

7. Tea Light Candle Holders


The candle holders are purely pretty! The glass is cut in a way to allow light to be reflected off of the sides which make these an eye catcher. These are more elegant then your average tea light holder and are sure to impress the receiver. They are 13.95 each and are the perfect gift.

8. Mugs

We have such a lovely collection of mugs at Amanda’s House of Elegance and we think they would make the perfect stocking stuffer. With many styles available, you are sure to find a new favourite mug for someone on your list. There is nothing better then curling up over the holiday season with a hot drink and a good book!

Amanda's Top Christmas Decorating Tips and Tricks

Decorating for Christmas can be a little bit daunting but also very exciting. It’s a chance to change up some decor in your home and bring out some old holiday favourites. Plus everything looks more festive with some Christmas lights! So, whether you are a seasoned pro or still getting the hang of things, we hope these tips and tricks make your decorating adventure much more enjoyable.

  1. Don’t Forget the Front Entrance

This goes for both inside and outside. The entrance or foyer is great real estate for expressing your style and bringing out all the stops. It’s the first impression of Christmas that your home makes on your guests and it can be the most fun to play around with because of the amount of space. Don’t be afraid to invest in some larger pieces to make a big impact. A great purchase from Amanda’s House of Elegance would be one of our large nutcrackers. For $798.95 each, these nutcrackers would be a great investment to be the showstopper at your door.


2. Think Outside of the Box

This can really mean many things. Not only can you use a variety of materials around your home, but you can use different colours and themes to add interest and something a little unexpected. An all white theme in the home is lovely, but why not throw in some champagne to jazz things up a bit. Besides, a little sparkle never hurt anyone around the Christmas season. Do you have lots of greenery leftover from trimming your tree? Put extra tree boughs down the centre of your table to create a unique centrepiece.

3. Keep It Simple

I don’t mean keep your decor simple, because as I’ve said before it is great to pull out all the stops around the holidays. Though there are ways you can make your life easier and less cluttered when decorating. For example, when purchasing lights, if you know the lights will be in an inconvenient location it may be smart to purchase battery powered lights to avoid cords hanging or being brought across a room to an outlet.

4. Decorate Your Dining Table

Though you must keep in mind that people had have to eat there! The dining room is a great space to enhance because it creates a lovely environment for one of the biggest meals of the year. While we encourage you to decorate to your hearts content, if people will be eating at the table regularly maybe keep it simpler so that nothing needs to be moved when setting the table.


5. The Fireplace

Again such great real estate for decor. Remember to decorate both the mantle and the ground in front of the fireplace, as the fireplace is often the focal point of a room it’s important to dress it up. Candles and floral sprays are a great way to achieve this.


6. Don’t Take Away Too Much

There is really no need to take away your everyday decor for the holidays. To simplify your life, just add decor to add Christmas spirt to your home. Adding red fruit like cranberries and pomegranates to your fruit bowl instead of the usual bananas and oranges, or adding some twinkly lights to your staircase are easy ways to add and not have to subtract any decor making it easier for you in the long run.

Mix and Match Ornaments

One of the biggest debates around Christmas time is when to start pulling out the Christmas decor. Here at Amanda’s House of Elegance, while we don’t expect you to de decorating too early, we are not ashamed to admit that its never to early! If you have been into the store recently you will know that we have already brung in the Christmas spirit with beautiful sprays, Christmas decor and an abundance of Christmas ornaments. We love the look of mixing in a variety of ornaments into your tree during the holidays, though style points go to those who can mix and match and making it all blend together beautifully. Here are our favourite combinations currently in the store! Come on in and check them out for yourself! Currently our ornaments are on SALE! Buy 4, get one FREE. Your tree will be the most stylish on the block.

White and Whimsical

Such whimsical shapes to connect these ornaments. Don’t be afraid to connect different colours and genres to create a unique set.

farmto table.jpg

Rose Gold and Glam

So many pretty pinks and rose golds this season, we love how these match but aren’t all the same colour.


Play With Shape and Colour

I love how the shapes of these three play together. While all very different, they all have elongated shapes which bring them all together!


Winter Whites

White is such a versatile colour. These ornaments look beautiful together and will really pop off the tree.


Silver Snow

These ornaments will truly shine against all the lights on your tree. While subtle in colour, the different shapes will catch everyones eye.


The Do's and Don'ts of Decorating For Christmas

If you haven’t been into Amanda’s House of Elegance recently, you must head in. It is a full on Christmas wonderland and is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. We are sure many of you are starting to think about decorating for Christmas and we are here to help! Not only do we have a plethora of elegant Christmas options for every room in your home, we have lots of tips and tricks to turn your space into a Christmas wonderland as well. Here are our favourite do’s and don’ts for the season.



  1. Do you hate clutter? Stick to decorating the mantel and banisters on your stairwell to get a huge impact without cluttering your home. These locations add instant Christmas appeal without making your home feel crowded or cluttered. If you have small children or pets, these locations also are out of reach for the smaller occupants of the home.

  2. Use seasonal elements to allow your decor to last longer! By incorporating decor that is winter themed versus Christmas themed, you can start decorating earlier and leave your decor up longer. We all love Christmas decor, and are not telling you to skip the Christmas theme, but having a mixture of both will do you better in the long run.

  3. Be thoughtful an deliberate. By putting thought into all the spaces in your home, you will end up loving your decor for the happiest season of the year. Start thinking about your decor early and give yourself some time to wrap your head around colours and styles you like.

  4. Use lots of lights! Lights are the easiest way to get big impact on Christmas. Incorporate twinkly lights and candles into your decor and you are sure to end up with a beautiful Christmas display.

  5. Personalize your space. Don’t feel pressured to stick to one idea of Christmas, Decorate with whatever speaks to you. We love seeing personalized Christmas displays, this is also a great way to incorporate some of your kids and loved ones pieces into the home.



  1. Don’t limit yourself to red and green. Christmas is a time for lots of colour to be incorporated and we want you to get inventive. We love seeing blues, golds, whites and silvers in all kinds of Christmas decor but truly any colour can be incorporated into your home. Your current home decor can be a great jumping off point for your holiday decor.

  2. Don’t expect things to be perfect. Perfection is not possible, and this is a don’t for all things holiday related, not just decor. Give yourself some time to relax and enjoy the holidays!

  3. Don’t shy away from the classics. Who doesn’t love a garland and some poinsettias? While Christmas is a great season for experimenting with decorations, we love the tested and true classics that fill your home with those warm and fuzzy feelings.

  4. Don’t overcrowd. Sometimes the simpler, the better. Take your time deciding what areas of your home should be busier than others, but don’t feel the need to add space filling decor to all areas.

We have so much more holiday content to come in the next couple of months! Happy Holidays and let the fun begin.

Gift Giving Made Easy

The biggest celebration of the year is just around the corner and your gift list seems to grow by the day! At Amanda’s House of Elegance we have gifts for everyone on your list from teachers to colleagues, best friends to sisters and your spouse as well.

Following are some gift suggestions across various price points that will help you get your shopping wrapped up.


Under $25

Soy candles burn evenly and cleanly and these ones, custom poured for Amanda’s House of Elegance,  are available in a wide variety of scents. These make perfect gifts for the hostess, office gift exchange or the teachers.

Hand Poured. 100% Soy. Exclusively at Amanda's House of Elegance.

There is a large selection of unique tree and table top ornaments ranging from elegant and traditional, to woodland and whimsical and more.

Christmas Tree Table Top Decor.


Under $50

Hurricane jar candle holders add a festive, cozy touch to any decor and there is a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles available. A beautiful gift for your bestie or sister!

Dimentional Glass Hurricanes

Picture frames are a beautiful gift for someone who has celebrated a special occasion during the year such as a wedding, graduation or birth of a baby. Amanda’s House of Elegance has a large selection from smaller 3x5 frames to larger 8x10 frames in styles and finishes to suit every decor.

All different shapes, sizes, and colour picture frames


Under $100

If the gift recipient is looking for that special touch to finish off a room, how about a Canadian made 100% goose down filled pillow? The unique fabrics and styles will ensure a one of a kind look in their home and be a gift that endures.

Cow Hide Feather Inserted Pillows.


Under $200

Gift baskets packed with a variety of treats and treasures are sure to delight! Amanda’s House of Elegance has custom made baskets wrapped up and ready for gifting.

From Amanda's House to yours, you will enjoy these hand curated, exclusive gifts.


Under $300

If your recipient is an art collector, consider a hand painted piece from Mercana. The range of pieces means there is a choice for every taste and style. The 3D pieces are especially popular and visually appealing.

Large hand painted canvas art.

Fitz and Floyd

Fitz and Floyd’s collection of handmade Christmas pieces across a variety of price points are exclusive to Kingston through Amanda’s House of Elegance. These pieces are collectibles that will delight for many Christmases to come!


Hand made and hand painted by Fitz & Floyd

Still can’t decide?

Amanda’s House of Elegance has you covered! We have gift certificates available that you can purchase in any amount and which allow the recipient to shop for their fav item or items once the holiday rush is over.

A gift worth giving.