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Amanda's Top Christmas Decorating Tips and Tricks

Decorating for Christmas can be a little bit daunting but also very exciting. It’s a chance to change up some decor in your home and bring out some old holiday favourites. Plus everything looks more festive with some Christmas lights! So, whether you are a seasoned pro or still getting the hang of things, we hope these tips and tricks make your decorating adventure much more enjoyable.

  1. Don’t Forget the Front Entrance

This goes for both inside and outside. The entrance or foyer is great real estate for expressing your style and bringing out all the stops. It’s the first impression of Christmas that your home makes on your guests and it can be the most fun to play around with because of the amount of space. Don’t be afraid to invest in some larger pieces to make a big impact. A great purchase from Amanda’s House of Elegance would be one of our large nutcrackers. For $798.95 each, these nutcrackers would be a great investment to be the showstopper at your door.


2. Think Outside of the Box

This can really mean many things. Not only can you use a variety of materials around your home, but you can use different colours and themes to add interest and something a little unexpected. An all white theme in the home is lovely, but why not throw in some champagne to jazz things up a bit. Besides, a little sparkle never hurt anyone around the Christmas season. Do you have lots of greenery leftover from trimming your tree? Put extra tree boughs down the centre of your table to create a unique centrepiece.

3. Keep It Simple

I don’t mean keep your decor simple, because as I’ve said before it is great to pull out all the stops around the holidays. Though there are ways you can make your life easier and less cluttered when decorating. For example, when purchasing lights, if you know the lights will be in an inconvenient location it may be smart to purchase battery powered lights to avoid cords hanging or being brought across a room to an outlet.

4. Decorate Your Dining Table

Though you must keep in mind that people had have to eat there! The dining room is a great space to enhance because it creates a lovely environment for one of the biggest meals of the year. While we encourage you to decorate to your hearts content, if people will be eating at the table regularly maybe keep it simpler so that nothing needs to be moved when setting the table.


5. The Fireplace

Again such great real estate for decor. Remember to decorate both the mantle and the ground in front of the fireplace, as the fireplace is often the focal point of a room it’s important to dress it up. Candles and floral sprays are a great way to achieve this.


6. Don’t Take Away Too Much

There is really no need to take away your everyday decor for the holidays. To simplify your life, just add decor to add Christmas spirt to your home. Adding red fruit like cranberries and pomegranates to your fruit bowl instead of the usual bananas and oranges, or adding some twinkly lights to your staircase are easy ways to add and not have to subtract any decor making it easier for you in the long run.

Amanda's Favourites: March Edition

Spring is ever so slow approaching, but here at Amanda's House of Elegance we are in full spring swing. Located right in the heart of downtown Kingston, here are Amanda's March favourites. With new merchandise being brought in all the time it won't be long before these items are picked up by a lucky buyer! We hope to see you soon! 

Oversized Apple - $119.95

We are currently loving this oversized apple. It adds a whimsical and clean touch to any space while still being a striking piece of decor. It can easily be a stand alone accent because of its size and will look beautiful in a clean space. The bright while colour is the perfect way to brighten up your space. 


Dandelion Sprays - $33.95

These dandelion sprays are a unique take on the classic spray of greenery or flowers. They have a large impact and are the perfect accent for spring! 


WoodWick Boat Candle - $38.95

Here at Amanda's House of Elegance we love these WoodWick candles. They are the perfect scent and sound to create a beautiful ambiance for any lifestyle. This boat shape is a favourite of ours because of the long wick that creates a beautiful long flame. These candles have a long burn time and we can promise you won't be disappointed. Available in other scents. 

IMG_1787 2.jpg

Blush Glasses - $9.95, $12.95, $27.95

These blush coloured glasses are giving us all the heart eyes. They are a frosted blush glass with a beautiful gold rimmed detail. We can't get enough of the unique look of these glasses that are sure to blow your guests away at any party you may host. 

IMG_1394 2.jpg

Charcoal Rose Soap - $10.95

The L.A.M.A. soap company is a fairly new line being carried at Amanda's House of Elegance, but it is the perfect gift or party favour for occasion. We love how soft and gentle this soap is on your skin, and this charcoal rose scent is our absolute favourite. Its a elegant way to add some class and beauty to any bathroom. Available in other scents.


Throw Pillows - $88.95 each

The play on textures in the reason we love these throw pillows. They are a beautiful mix of materials and colours all working together to create a unique and elegant look. Each pillow is feather filled and have a zipper bottom for easy cleaning. 


Bell Jar Stand - $48.95

A whimsical take on a cake stand or food tray. This bell jar food tray is a modern but unique take on the perfect way to display and cover treats and sweets in your kitchen. the light wood base mixed with the glass top is the perfect way to mix eclectic and modern styles. 

Amanda's Favourites: January Edition

Come into Amanda's House of Elegance to check out Amanda's January Favourites! Head in soon to receive taxes off any full price purchase (which all of these fall into)! We hope to see you soon! 

IMG_0966 (1).jpg

Metallic Cowhide Pillow - $138.95

This Canadian made pillow is a great way to show case many current trends in your home. While still showcasing many classic elements, this brand from Montreal is specifically known for their design forward pieces. Starting with the basics, this pillow is filled with a feather insert and has a zipper bottom; the front of this pillow is cowhide and the back is made of a tan suede. Some key elements  that make this one of Amanda's favourites is the effortless way both the gold and silver compliment each other. The tassels are also a very trendy touch. Amanda also loves the drama this pillow can add to any space. Place it on a bed, couch or chair and it will add elegance and drama to your space. 


Turkish Cotton Towels - Available in Off-White, White, Sterling, Grey, and Blue                                                            

Face Cloth - $6.95, Hand Towel - $12.95, Bath Towel - $24.95, Sheet Towel - $39.95

These towels are one of Amanda's favourites right now and as soon as you feel them you will understand why! These towels are made from Turkish cotton which is known for being incredibly plush and the softest cotton while also being one of the strongest and most durable. The low-twist design is great for women with long nails and rings because it is very difficult to snag or pull the fabric. The ribbon detailing is also a beautiful touch. Overall these towels are a great value and once you feel them you won't be able to say no! Come in to take a look at the variety of sizes and colours before they are all gone.  

IMG_0965 (1).jpg

Family Connection Statue - $186.95

This Canadian made statue is beautiful and meaningful. Not only is the raw wood base and raw metal statue a sight of beauty, the pure emotion behind the statue is what makes this one of Amanda's January favourites. A family is presented, and though the combination of the raw materials along with the imperfections of the image make this the perfect symbol of how family is never perfect but the love and connection is always there!


Ceramic Urchin Lantern - $78.95

The complexity and detailed shape of this lantern makes it a complete show stopper. While the overall design is continuous, the handmade qualities of this lantern are evident through the slight differences in shape, colour and size throughout the outer wall. The complex colour will fit easily into so many decor styles and palettes. Finally the greatest part of this piece is the shadow that is cast when a candle is lit within the lantern. A beautiful design will fill your room! 

IMG_0961 (1).jpg

Soy Candles - $22.95

Available in: Pineapple Lily, Pear Cucumber, Lilac, Black Tea & Lychee, Black raspberry Vanilla, Ginger Fig, Honeysuckle, Asian Pear & Lily

These 100% soy candles are exclusively hand poured for Amanda's House of Elegance. They are the perfect gift for any occasion, though once you smell them you may have to buy an extra for yourself. Soy is a great choice when buying a candle because it provides a cleaner burn, perfect for any growing household. Amanda's personal favourite sent is the Black Tea & Lychee!

IMG_0962 (1).jpg

Gold Dinner Set 

Gold Rimmed Bowl - $16.95, Coasters - $22.97, Napkin Ring - $18.75, Placemat - $23.95, Linen Napkin - $43.95

While purchased separately, combined this set is perfect for anyone with a love for entertaining. The gold shimmer placemats combined with other gold accents and linen napkins will allow for a proper presentation when hosting. Amanda's love for hosting and entertaining makes these pieces some of her favourites this month. She believes in creating a beautiful and elegant environment for all and these do just that.