A Pillow and Its Pair: 6 Perfect Pillow Pairings

pillows .jpg

Every well design home needs well curated accents in order to successfully execute the desired look. While the bones of the design are often large pieces such as rugs and furniture, the best way to outfit your space is through smaller accents such as pillows and throw. Pillows can be changed up depending on the season or occasion; they can also be an easy way to change up the look of the room on a small budget. We love pillows at Amanda's House of Elegance. Here are our favourite pillow and throw combinations currently available in store right in the heart of downtown Kingston. We can't wait for you to add new life and design to your couches, beds and chairs. 


A very classic set of pillows, but they will add new life to any space. The gorgeous grey large scale gingham is a modern take on a classic design. We love this pair because of the contrast between the muted tones and the bold patterns.

Grey Gingham Pillow - $79.95; Blush Pink Pillow - $59.95; Cream Floral Throw - $139.95


Beautiful neutral pillows with bold and interesting prints and patterns can be a great choice for many homes. This over scale bird print is a great whimsical way to add some interest to any room while the cowhide pillow add some elegance and glam.

Bird Pillow - $64.95; Cowhide Metallic Pillow -$107.97


This combination is the perfect mix of pattern, neutral and colour. The variation between the three pieces combined beautifully to create depth and interest.

Blue and Cream Floral Pillow - $64.95; Cream Lumbar Pillow - $74.95; Mustard throw - $98.95


Every room needs a little shimmer and shine. This beaded quatrefoil pillow is a subtle bit of sparkle, but when light hits the beading it will create a large impact. This metallic printed pillow is the perfect pair.

Beaded Quatrefoil Pillow - $69.95; Cream Metallic Pillow - $68.95


Green is the perfect colour to add some life and energy to your space. We love subtle greens that lean more towards neutrals in a space and these pillows are the perfect example of this. The stripes and floral balance each other out perfectly.

Beige and Green Striped Pillow - $94.95; Green and Grey Floral Pillow - $64.95


This is definitely the most eclectic of the pairings we came up with. All three pieces have bold prints but they are all working together to create a mixed-match look that is eclectic and fun. Coral/orange and navy pair beautifully but are an uncommon pair which adds a unique touch.

Orange Elephant Pillow - $66.95; Grey and Cream Pillow - $64.95; Blue chevron Throw - $98.95