Interior Design Style Quiz

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Are you having trouble with the design in your home? First you have to pick a style and start to build your personal style around that! At Amanda’s House of Elegance are ready to make this whole process a little but easier for you. Here is the style quiz to answer all your questions. Not only does the quiz tell you what style you are drawn towards the most, but we have comprehensive descriptions to read through once your styles are defined. We are not claiming to be experts but we love design and think that this will be not only fun insight into your style but also very helpful. We will be consistently updating these profiles to make them better and make your life easier. Feel free to explore these style pages and also see some products in the store that match up with your style. We can guarantee that all the products will be available at all times, so you better come in as soon as possible so your favourite piece doesn’t leave without you! Have fun!