The First Impression: Tips To Stage Your Entryway


The entryway is what makes the very first impression of your house. This space is where buyers get a first glimpse of the style, presence and value of the home. When staging a house, keep in mind how the space can be used to show the buyer that the space is functional and welcoming. Essentially, you want the space to welcome them home. If the potential buyer likes what they see in the entry, they will be excited to see the rest of the house. Here is how to add function and style to any entryway to add instant buyer appeal.

1. Console: The right console can be anything from a large dresser with built in storage, to a smaller floating shelf that hugs the wall. The main idea is to find a console that is the right size and shape for your space. Therefore, if your space is smaller, try to eliminate large pieces and stick with a piece that is smaller and less bulky. 


1. Nickel plated alumium and iron console table with bamboo look alike legs 2. Wood and Iron Console: very simple and clean lines, great for a smaller entry 3. Mirrored console table: available in store at Amanda's House of Elegance 4. Mirrored Console Table with mirrored table top

2. Durable Rug: The entryway gets a lot of daily traffic, so it is important that the rug or runner you choose is one that will stand up to daily wear and tear. Choose a material that is suitable for high traffic areas such as wool, natural grasses, or synthetic materials. These will often withstand the daily traffic in hallways and entryways. Choose colours that will still look fresh and new even when dirty, so try and stear clear of whites and go towards busy patterns or pre-distressed looks.


1. Antique Gray Art Silk Rug: currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance 2. Vintage Centro Blue Gray Art Silk Rug: currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance 3. Vintage Parche Smoke Art Silk Rug 4. Trace Faded Gray/Brown Art Silk Rug: currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance 

3. Functional Storage: Find storage solutions that are easy and functional for a busy life. Look for things such as large baskets to line under your console, or smaller baskets and bowls for on top. Other great storage ideas are hooks, coat racks,  trays, and bins. The cleaner your entryway looks, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers.


1. Black and white woven basket: great for underneath a console 2. Gray and white striped canvas basket 3. Metal basket with rope 4. Rectangular golden baskets: great for underneath a console 5. Circular golden baskets 6. White faux leather round boxes with ribbon tie: great hidden storage 7. White faux leather rectangular box with gold handles 8. Rectangular stone tray: currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance 9. Acrylic Tray: perfect catch all for keys and mail 10. Navy and white tray 11. Mirrored tray 12. Mirrored and metal tray

4. Place To Sit: Every entryway needs a spot for guests and family to sit and put on their shoes. Whether it is a bench, stools under a console, or a small armchair, the goal is both functionality and style. The soft feel of upholstery will add femininity and comfort to the space, while wood or tougher textures can add a modern and stylish touch.


1. Polished stainless steel drum stool 2. Nickel plated honeycomb stool 3. White and blue porcelain stool 4.European oak base with antique natural finish and Linen ivory upholstery 5. Iron based stool: currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance

5. Illuminate: Lighting is very important to add warmth, style and space to your entryway. A table lamp can add height and be helpful for those late nights when mood lighting is key. Overhead lighting is just as important in an entry. Chandeliers or statement light fixtures can add beauty and impact in a big way. A great light fixture can be a great focal point for an entry. Make the most of the natural light sources already in the space. Use light and bright window treatments, such as opaque curtains, to allow for maximum natural light flowing through your space. 


1.WickWorks candles: many styles and scents available at Amanda's House of Elegance 2&3. Illume candles: many styles and scents currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance  4. Candle Display: great for creating relaxed late night ambiance 5. White and blue ceramic base with linen shade:currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance 6. Glass based lamp with silk shade 7. Nickel finish table lamp with linen silk shade: currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance 8. Glass table lamp with metal details and white linen shade: currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance 9. Clear acrylic table lamp:currently available at Amanda's House of Elegance 10. Nickel floor lamp with linen shade

6. Greenery: Adding a touch of greenery or flowers to every space adds personality and life to each area. Try grouping small potted plants at different heights in groups of threes, or display a larger bouquet of flowers on your console. Taller floor plants, such as cacti or large palms, can also add interest and height to a space. 

Quick tips to add interest and make your entry standout on a budget

  • Use easily removable wallpaper to add a fast accent wall to your entryway. It's high impact at a low cost.

  • Pick your paint colours carefully. Stick to neutrals that can be easily changed to suite the future owners taste.

  • Use mirrors and mirrored furniture or items in your space to create a feeling that is larger then the space itself.

  • Hang art and photographs to add height and interest to large empty walls. You want the buyer to be able to see themselves in the space, so make sure to keep photographs neutral.